Saturday, July 4, 2015

Inside Out - Movie Inspired

Hello Everyone!!!
I have another Movie inspired nailart to share today. Its  a  Disney Pixar "Inside Out". The movie deals literally with the human emotions. Its shows why every emotion is necessary. The movie is brilliant. The concept is different and unique But still I found it little boring in the middle.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jurassic World

Hello There!!! How are you all ?!?
Me, well  I sprained my leg. I kind of fall from bed and hurt it. What can I say I am accident prone. It wouldnt be wrong to say pain killer is my very best friend these days.
On the brighter side my little sister exam got over today *HURRAY*. So on the happy day I decided to paint on her nails ;)
Few days back I watched Jurassic World, and had been thinking of making a nailart since then. So yeah people I have a movie inspired nailart for you all. I love the movie the story line is quite predictable but still it will keep you occupied till the end. So here goes my manicure.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stripes Dots And More!

Hello Everyone!!!
Its been long since I last posted, busy making life back to normal. The aftershocks are very less compared to what we had in last few weeks. It doesnt occur for more than 48 hours and then boom it hit us suddenly obviously scaring the shit outta us. We had three after shocks back to back yesterday morning in less than 30 minutes. Whenever I feel like its over finally ground start shaking.Beside shaking and running and getting scared time to time life is pretty much normal. 
My kiddo (Little Sister ) is busy with her exams so I am not able to do many nailart. Good thing is my nails are getting better. I wont be painting them for two weeks tops and  than I will be back with more nailart hopefully. Taking time off from her busy schedule kiddo let me do a simple manicure on her nails.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Quilted Dotticure Manicure

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all ?!? So, Life here is gradually going back to nornal. We didnt have any big aftershock lately (Thanks Heaven *sigh*) but still small aftershocks are still happening again and again.Sometimes it goes un notice sometimes it gives me heart attack.
To refresh my mind and to get some R&R I decided to do a manicure. Its very simple easy and quick to make. Its a  Quilted Dotticure Manicure. Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection. Everything is made from my trustee toothpick.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We Will Rise Again

Hello Everyone!!!
It happened again. After the devastating earthqauke we had in April 25th Life did started to get normal, People started to move on. I on the other hand decided to paint my nails. I wanted to tribute to all those monuments we lost. After a week of constant fear, painting my nails was great distraction. After gathering courage for week or two I finally decided to go to my room and blog. Everything seemed quite normal, I was lost in blogging while suddenly it happened agian. Everything start to shook  and I was running for my life Agian. We were hit by 7.4 magnitute of earthquake, a aftershock. It was a very cruel dejavu.
The devastating Earthquake we had in April 25th and the constant aftershocks might have shook us all from the core but we are all determined to rise agian. While there is Life there is Hope. And not losing hope is the most important thing right now. We Nepalese are very thankful for all the foreign help and will always be indebted. Many of our monuments were destroyed but we wll built them brick by brick and rewrite our proud history again.
Here is something that I made to tribute. I painted "DHARAHARA" one of our monuments that signified our history. To reflect we will stand tall again and will find light even through all this darkness.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Weekend Turned Wicked.

Hello Everyone!!!

I never mentioned where I am from. I am from Nepal where 7.9 richter earthquake just struck us. Here is my story.

25th April 2015 was a normal Saturday until it wasn't. I was blogging and commenting on your lovely blogs when suddenly my computer monitor started to shake. It just took me few seconds to realize that we just got hit by earthquake. One moment I was all happy and smiling and the next moment I was running for my life. Me and my family Somehow managed to run to safe side of our home.  The house was still shaking and felt like forever. It just won't stop.  I was very near to have a panic attack. We heard people scream "earthquake" and running out from their homes towards the street. When we thought the worst is over the ground started to  shake again. Thats when we realize the nightmare isnt over. We had constant big aftershocks over and over again in matter of few minutes. We were scared to death. Never in my life I ever had such near to death experience.
When things felt little normal we contacted all the people and felt a little relieved to know that eveyone in our family circle were safe and sound. We listened to news and came to know we were struck by 7.9 richter scale. One of the biggest earth quake so far.
The ground shook us from deep within our hearts.The debris of body and architecture rained down in our nation. The day got ruined when a massive earth quake hit the entire nation with its epicenter being Barpak. The day never seemed to end.  Every second felt like a year and every breath felt like a blessing.  We're drenched  In fear, hoping and praying for nothing but for everything to return to normal. This was the moment I truly wished that fairy tale was true. I hope that with a flick of a wand I could do something, anything! The after shock never went away leaving  us with no option but for the fear to overtake us.
Sleepless night and endless fear gripped us. "Anticipation" as my sister phrased it was our greatest fear and enemy.
No network, no communication and no electricity supply. That  is how we survived. Every motion,  every movement made our heart skip a beat. Our minds were accustomed even to a small tremor and the movement of our legs were spidery.The foods wouldn't go down our throats, every bite was tasteless,  every chew a loss of energy.We were living our nightmare. We lived that day in complete apprehension.
As long as the day felt, the night never seemed to end. The fear taunting us, we were utterly helpless.The unseen became seen and unnoticed became noticed.
The night sky seemed so peaceful, so calm.The stars twinkling,  the moon shining bright, spreading its warm light over all the people staring at it from below the earth.We all were staring into the heaven through the chaos of hell.