Wednesday, October 22, 2014

White And Pink Translucent Bokeh Circles NailArt

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back with Pink Nail-art to support Breast Cancer Awareness. As Halloween is around the corner this is gonna be my last BCA Mani for this year. In today's mani I have tried a new technique that I never done before. Its called "Translucent Bokeh Circles" I used this technique for Depression Awareness mani but it didn't look like bokeh circle but  I thought of trying it again and I am happy and satisfied with how it turned out . I am slowly getting used to this technique.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cairuo Skull Bottle Shaped Polish Swatches

 Hello Everyone!!!
Lately I haven't been purchasing any nail polish as my Hello Kitty Collection has sufficient colors to live by ;)
But few days back I went for shopping and look what I got for myself. A Skull Shaped Bottle polish :D Hell Yeah!!! I know this nail polish came out last October especially for Halloween, how bad I wished I could buy some of them. And this year my wish got fulfilled :D I couldn't help but buy it It was love at first sight ;) As the Hello Kitty collection content  most of the Color I choose polish it Lacked.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Depression Awareness Green Nail Art

Hello Everyone!!!
October is "official" month of depression awareness,so I just managed to squeeze in this green manicure before the October ends. I came to know about this through Gelic Blog. I saw some green manicure which she post under #UnitedInGreen theme. That how I got inspired  and decided to do a little contribution of my own. Green is the ribbon color of the Depression Awareness campaign.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pink Ribbon

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy October.  Although I said I am gonna a take a a week break but it took longer than that. As soon as 31DC21014 was over a month long festival started here. So I am enjoying it. Lots of crazy things happen and I just couldn't find strength as well as time to paint my nails and post it. I tried  three times to flash back post about all of my nails of 31DC2014 but it some error keep showing up and I just couldn't publish the post so after few times I gave up.
Anyway as the month of pink has began already I decided to post my first nail of the month dedicating to Breast Cancer Awareness. Here is my first Pink Ribbon Nail Art.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello Everyone!!! Happy October
Today is the last day of 31DC2014. I am quite happy and sad both at the moment. Today prompt it HONOUR NAILS YOU LOVE What you basically need to do is re create a design from your fellow blogger. I choose One Nail To Rule Them All Nude Squares which you can see HERE

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31DC2014 Day 30:"Inspired by"A TUTORIAL

 Hello Everyone!!!
I had a very long shopping day with my crazy sisters. We went so many malls and places that my leg hurts now. It was pretty exciting and fun day. I happen to see lots of skull print stuff too bad I cant buy everything \: So about today challenge "Inspired by"A TUTORIAL. I didnt had any specific tutorial on my mind but I just happen to see one from Adventures In Acetone. As I never tried Nautical nail art I decided to give a try to something I have never done before.